Tangled Up in Blue Guy

Services to Support Webdesigners in Selling CMS to Clients

About Tangled Up in Blue Guy Services

A  Service for Web Designers

Website design and service is about to hit a revolutionary change, and Tangled Up in Blue Guy is here to help designers to meet the challenge at the crest of a new wave.

I am a content writer, and not a designer.  I support designers and help them gain an edge, in attacking the means of web design and promotion through taking advantage of the opensource technology of WordPress as a Content Management System.  HTML site design has hit its peak, and is aging technology.  Building sites using WordPress and other blogging platforms is the next step in offering the best services to your clients.

SEO advisors are now discovering that incorporating blogging into commercial sites is a keenly effective means to ensure that your clients honestly attain the highest rankings possible.  A site designed to take advantage of the flexibility of WordPress is inexpensive in labor needed to create the site.  Your clients are able to keep their sites updated without having to purchase licensed software and will be far more satisfied with your product.  When they see the boosts in traffic, they will be recommending your services to their colleagues and associates.

I provide a package to design companies, including writing the copy tailored to your clients’ needs.  My package offers far more than content, and for lower fees than you might expect.  All that you will need to do is manage the design and layout, and I will manage the plugins and the content for the initial install.

It couldn’t be easier for your or your clients.  Contact me.  Let’s make money together, and help your clients ride out the tough economic times that we face.

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